Pierre Le Page

Head of Digital

Pierre was previously Digital Performance Manager at Specsavers overseeing multi-million pound budgets across their primary customer acquisition channels; display, paid social and paid search, which collectively drove nearly half of all Specsavers eye and hearing test bookings.

He was responsible for ruthlessly optimising campaign performance across all Specsavers business lines. Pierre also helped leverage and pilot new digital advertising formats using more automation, working closely with agency partners to drive down customer acquisition spends, achieving an impressive 30% growth. In addition, Pierre was also part of a small team, which oversaw the transition of the business to its e-commerce offering utilising various paid media channels to drive millions in online sales for Specsavers prescription contact lenses and glasses sales. He’s super entrepreneurial and has his finger on the digital pulse.

A Google Certified Analyst and Paid Media Specialist, Pierre is a specialist at digital campaign delivery, optimisation and analysis. He likes to immerse himself in any business in order to fully understand and align with their performance objectives. Then he ensures effective delivery across the right digital channel mix, including ongoing web/app optimisation to achieve short, medium and long term strategic growth.

In his spare time Pierre is a keen skier, runner and often in the summertime you will find him down the beach catching a sunset out at sea on his paddle board. You may also spot him photographing hedge veg sites for his innovative hedge veg app!

Need help with a digital project or campaign? Email Pierre today to arrange a meeting (virtually for now).